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Many people are interested in Binaural Beats, download of this technology is growing in popularity on the internet quite rapidly. Although there are many people who believe that Binaural Beats are just the latest new-age fad, nothing could be further from the truth. For over one hundred and seventy years Binaural Beats have been studied and researched. Every day of our lives our brains go through various cycles of different frequencies each of these frequencies have an effect on the state of your brain and your conscious state.

Binaural Beats Download MP3It has been found that numerous brainwave frequencies can actually be activated by implementing external stimuli, including such stimuli as pulsating lights or audio waves. It was discovered that the brain will actually modify the frequency of the brainwaves it creates in an attempt to match up with or imitate the frequency of the stimuli. One example is that a sleeping human brain will usually produce brainwaves at 4 cycles per second. If we start looking at a light that is flashing 4 times each second our brainwaves will start to match up with that particular frequency which in turn will often affect us by making us very sleepy.

Quite a few of the most highly effective brainwave frequencies made use of for meditation and altered states of consciousness are lower than 20 Hz. It is actually impossible for the human ear to hear frequencies as low as that, because of this the development of Binaural Beats came about. Binaural Beats is a modern technology that utilizes the brain itself to create the targeted frequencies.

Binaural Beats - How It WorksSo how does it work? For example, assume you wanted to tune your brainwaves into a frequency of 8 Hz, you can trick the brain into doing this by playing a sound of 200 Hz into one ear and 208 Hz into the other ear. It has the effect of creating a 3rd frequency within the brain of precisely 8 Hz. The brain will then try to emulate the third of these and the brainwaves will be diminished to the 8 hz you have aimed for.

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